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I have an Outfitter Apex 8 pop-up truck camper, and like many pop-ups, it has a system of pivoting/articulating pipes (some with internal torsion bars) that assist with raising and lowering the top (usually by way of a hand crank, but there is the option for an electric motor). This is particularly needed when you have an A/C unit, solar panels, etc. mounted on the roof, which can make for a pretty heavy roof.

In the case of the Four Wheel Camper unit, there isn't much on top of the roof except for the air vent and some interior light assemblies, so the roof should be fairly light in comparison to a loaded-up and full-size pop-up camper. That said, while I don't have any direct experience with Four Wheel Campers, I am aware that they have a very simple and workable approach. After you unclamp some preliminary items, you simply raise the rear end of the roof by hand using the push bar, which deploys the rear lift panels. You lock this assembly into place and it basically creates a sheer wall that fully supports the roof in the up position. You then repeat the same process for the front lift panel (which you can see in the two interior shots). I also understand that they have some sort of "lift assist" (which I think is something along the lines of gas props), in case you have lower back problems or limited upper body strength issues.

If I was younger, didn't already have my Dodge 3500/Outfitter rig (and had the discretionary money available), the Brute/Four Wheel Camper rig would be high on my list. Although, to haul around the extra weight, I would really recommend going with AEV's swapped-in HEMI 5.7L V8 in the Brute (after all, it's only money).
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