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I have the Four Wheel Hawk model on my F150 and love it. I have since gone to a Ram 2500 and it fits that truck as well. On my Hawk unit part of the bed slides out and goes over the sink (stove and sink swiched on this jeep unit) and you use the seat cusions to make the bed larger. Its actually a queen size bed. I am just over 200 lbs and share the bed with my wife, it's plenty strong. If you look at the picture you can see the support part over the sink/stove. A board slides out from under the bed on this rail and the 4 cusions will complete the bed. The guy laying on the bed does not have it extended. The frame material on these campers is aluminum. No particle board used for structural support. If you are looking for a light weight pop up these units are great. Sticker price for a loaded unit is 15K. I looked around and found mine used and in good shape for 5K. As mention the roof is manually pushed up. I also have a solar panel on mine.

too many frick'n jeeps, not enough time.
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