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Torchmate XS2 CNC Plasma

We got our new CNC plasma from Torchmate and have it up and running.

We got an XS2 in a 7x18. We can plasma or oxy/acetylene a 5x16 sheet without a torch change. Table was built to support a full 4x8 sheet of 4" thick steel. Power source is a Thermal Dynamics A120.

The water table is awesome and drains and fills quickly.

Quality is top notch and customer support has been excellent.

First job slated is 7'x7' .500 thick steel plates for some 30mm gun service stands. The plates have a 60" hole cut out in the center, and like 36 clearance holes for 1/2" bolts.

I could make a fortune with this machine. I took the above dimensions and quarter scaled it. Cut it out in 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

Total cost was 53k.

Worth every penny.....
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