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Mini trail report:

Friday - Outer Limits
Blaine and Kat
Sergey and Brad
Me and Frank
Chris L
Scott Hill
Cody and his dog Willy

Had a great time, sunny but cool, not too windy on that trail. No breakage.

Saturday - Jackhammer (first waterfall only)
Blaine and Kat
Segey and Brad
Me and Frank
Chris L and Brian
Scott and Shalom
Cody and William and his dog Willy
Larry (unclegreaser) - YJ with a D35

I flopped coming off the first waterfall. I didn't give it enough gas for long enough and didn't steer into it enough. $hit happens. Damage was minimal and both Frank and I were okay. It happened very slow. You can lose a LOT of tranny fluid in a hurry when the dipstick pops out. I dented the fender pretty good, broke a door suround, and bent the upper factory roll bar tube that connects from the main hoop to the windshield.

Everyone else made it up the waterfall without incident.

The group decided to go run another trail - Clawhammer

On the last waterfall/ledge Larry's Jeep seemed to explode. First the already bent draglink broke. Blaine and Brad welded that up. As soon as he moved after that the rear axle broke, the front axle broke, and the knuckle blew off the lower ball joint.

Front axle was repaired first. The rear axle took a long time due to the lunchbox locker present. Brad and Blaine did the lions share of the repares.

Several hours later, we were moving again. It turns out Larry's spare front axle had the wrong uni-bearing so the rotor froze on the caliper. Blaine and Brad spaced it out with some washers.

We got off the trail at dark and went to the rib joint.

Robert and Kendra were waiting at camp.

Ribs tasted great.

I lost a tire today driving to work as well - I had cut it pretty bad and it gave up on me a couple miles from work. Of course this sucked even more because I didn't have part of my factory jack after loaning it to Larry on the trail - I think it is in Chris's Jeep. I had to find a place to put my spare on for me - what a PITA.

All in all, I had a great time.

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