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Re: I'm planning on traveling to...

Originally posted by Jim M
...SoCal! I need a vacation. I've worked my ass off for a year now without rest, so I've decided to come out to JV and play. Of course, by play I mean mooch a ride in the right seat, stretch winch cable, stack rocks, turn wrenches, fetch parts, etc. My idea of fun!

I'll be there for the first weekend of October. Earlier in the week I'll be in San Francisco on business, and travel south on Wednesday or Thursday for a Friday trip ino the desert. Blaine has graciously agreed to be my tour guide and I hope that several other board members can come out to play.

Anyone wanna meet for lunch, diner, or libations?
Ya want to ride the right seat with a lunatic? Bring it awn! The Rib Place in Yucca Valley on Sat. night is about as good as food and libations can get.
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