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Trailer Supported Adventuring

As Jeep owners, do you enjoy back-country adventures, an active outdoor lifestyle and boondocking?

Then you have struggled with the age old Jeep short coming, not having enough space.

I have the answer, Trailer Supported Adventuring.

My name is Scott Chaney, my company Compact Camping Concepts specializes in compact Gear Hauler and Tent Topped Camping trailers. This Summer I released a new family of Jeep styled DIY fiberglass trailer tubs that may interest you. I call them Dinoot Trailers.

I take a different approach than most to equipping folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. At the heart of it is a modular collection of Lego? like fiberglass components configurable to meet a wide range of needs. By putting in a little sweat equity, we will offer a budget friendly, "have it your way" approach to building your perfect back country trailer.

You can find additional details at Dinoot Trailers

Full Disclosure ? I?m currently between Jeeps, my back country rig is a Sidekick
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