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Old 02-07-2020, 11:57 AM
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Hello everyone

I just had a bout of nostalgia. I've been talking with some friends who are planning on getting new jeeps, and I've been in contact with some old friends here or there from this board. Jeff recently sent me a link to the write up and vids from the 2009 JV trip which was a blast from the past.

In any case, I decided to come here myself just to post a message and say hello. Reading the write up and watching the video, I have to say, that time period, wheeling with all you crazy cats out in JV was about some of the most fun adventuring I have done to date.

I do admit that I kind of miss it. Well maybe, if I'm being honest, I miss the camaraderie, test of skills and maybe in reality the "idea" of it. I do not have the time, patience or inclination to really deal with all the "other" (like repairs, downtime, ordering parts, upgrades, etc) that comes with wheeling trails like those in JV.

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing? Maybe anyone who sees this post could also check in and post a hello? Maybe with an update what has been going on and what you have been up to in the last 10 years or so?

I'm sure most of you know I sold the green TJ. I ended up buying a 4 door Rubicon JKU. It's basically still stock, with a slight lift and 33s. It's more of a road trip, camping, exploration rig. I did actually take it moderate offroading a few months ago for the first time. I will say it was somewhat of a trial by fire as I hadn't really wheeled anything remotely hard driving stick before that. I had to learn quick how to deal with driving manual off-road with lockers and such. Once i realized you leave it in first and 4 low and drive it like an auto it basically smoothed out for me. I will say, driving auto offroad is just more simple. It's much easier to modulate your crawl rate or giving it a bit more gas. Or maybe I need more practice with stick.

It was a good time. I'm going to see about trying to finally get out to MOAB. I want to drive MOAB badly. That is for sure next on my list. Nothing hard, just driving around and checking out the scene.

My favorite thing I've done so far with the 4-door was my son and I took a road trip and circled the Siearras North along the the west side, back down on the east side with a cross over by the pass that is after Calaveras Big Trees state park. I really enjoyed that.

That's about the summary of the jeeping side of things. I'm a little bit older, a little bit fatter, a little bit grayer and I have a little bit less hair. My kids (and this is mind boggling to think about) who were being born during the time period I started wheeling are now ranging from 12 to about 18. Time goes quick.

Well maybe some of you will see this. I'd be nice to know what everyone is up to. Alternatively, I was thinking maybe we could start an JeepBBS crew nostalgia group on something like whatsapp. That might actually be easier to keep on top of if people just wanted to post quick messages.

I hope everyone is well and still at least getting out every once in awhile in their Jeep.
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