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Old 01-26-2002, 06:11 PM
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Theft Protection – How To Automatically Disable and Enable Your Jeep

Theft Protection – How To Automatically Disable and Enable Your Jeep


Let’s face it; it’s not difficult to steal a Jeep.

In truth, Jeeps are probably easier to steal than any other vehicle on or off the road. Easy access, especially with a soft top and plastic windows, doesn’t make the task of protecting a Jeep any easier.

I have developed a simple hidden circuit which I call the Automatic Disable / Enable (ADE) System. This system will automatically disable multiple electrical systems that your Jeep requires to run. (Ignition system, Fuel Pump, Fuel Injectors, Torque Converter Clutch and Automatic Shut Down Relay.)

The ADE System will also allow you to easily enable these same electrical systems with one swipe of a magnet over the top of a hidden reed switch.

The ADE System can be used with any fuel-injected vehicle and many non fuel-injected vehicles.

I will provide detailed instructions on how to build this system and specific instruction on where to install this system on a 1997 Jeep TJ. While I do not know this for sure, I would imagine all Jeep TJ’s would be the same or similar to my 1997.

If your Jeep is a different model or year you will need to determine where to install the ADE System based on information provided in this write-up and your Jeep’s Factory Service Manual.

ADE System Design

Key Features

  • All electrical systems attached to the ADE System will be automatically disabled whenever the ignition key is shut off.
  • There will be “stealth look” with no visible indicators that the ADE System is installed. (There is no value in giving a thief any clue that a disabling system is installed and must be overcome.)
  • The ADE System will be installed at a key electrical point in the Jeep to “disable”, or open, two or more critical circuits which are required to run. (This will make it more complex and difficult to overcome, even if a thief could determine which circuits were disabled.)
  • The ADE System will “enable” all circuits when a magnet is momentarily swiped over a reed switch hidden somewhere under the vast amounts of plastic found in a TJ interior.
  • The ADE System and all Jeep circuits will be self-sustaining when activated.

Design Description

The ADE System is designed to be self-disabling. When you turn the Ignition Key “OFF”, the Jeep cannot be restarted unless and until you momentarily “swipe” a magnet over a hidden reed switch.

The hidden reed switch is the “Key”, both figuratively and literally, to this systems success. Only you will know where the reed switch is located as there will be is no outward visual sign.

Take a look around the inside of your Jeep from the drivers seat. See all that plastic?

Pick a spot, any spot, preferably a spot within easy reach of the driver’s seat.

That’s where you are going to mount the reed switch! Underneath, where it can’t be seen and no one knows it is there but you. (And please don’t tell people who don’t have a need to know!)

The ADE System uses one Double Pole / Double Throw (DPDT) relay that is wired to your Jeep’s wiring harness and a hidden reed switch. This relay will be inserted in the wiring harness at a point that controls multiple critical circuits required for your Jeep to run.

The DPDT relay will be wired in both parallel and series to the reed switch and the Jeep’s critical circuits. This creates a self-latching circuit that allows the DPDT Relay “Coil” to be maintained in the active state once the relay has been tripped by the magnet and reed switch. (Once activated, the reed switch is no longer in the circuit.)

In order to start the Jeep after the ADE System is installed you will need to follow this sequence.
[list=1][*]Turn ignition key to the “On” or “Run” position[*]Swipe a magnet over Hidden Reed Switch (To activate the ADE System and Jeep’s critical circuits)[*]Turn Ignition Key to “Start”[/list=a]

Without swiping the magnet, or knowing where to swipe the magnet, your Jeep will crank over but it isn’t going to go anywhere under its own power.

Automatic Shut Down Relay

The ADE System will either “interrupt or supply” 12 volts DC to the Coil Side of a critical control relay in your Jeep. On my 1997 TJ this is the Automatic Shut Down Relay.

Most fuel-injected vehicles have an Automatic Shut Down Relay. Manufacturers may call it by another name, but if it’s fuel-injected most likely your vehicle has this relay.

You will need to find which wire on your vehicle supplies +12 Volts DC to the Automatic Shut Down Relay coil when the ignition key is turned on.

On the 97 TJ, the Automatic Shut Down Relay controls lots of stuff. Critical circuits controlled by this relay are:
  • Ignition Coil
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pump
  • Torque Converter Clutch (If you have an auto trans.)
  • Other signals to the Power Control Module (PCM Computer)

By installing the ADE System “to control” the Automatic Shut Down Relay Coil, you are controlling (disabling or enabling) all of the above circuits.

I will be providing specific and detailed instructions on how and where to install this circuit on a 1997 Jeep TJ.

Here is a drawing to illustrate the Automatic Shut Down Relay circuit on my Jeep. If you care to see this entire circuit in detail it can be found in the 1997 Jeep TJ Factory Service Manual, Section 8W-30.

Please take note of the Red Wire that runs between Connector 106 and the Automatic Shut Down Relay. This is the wire that activates the relay “Coil”.

If the relay coil is not activated the Automatic Shut Down relay Controlled Contacts remain in the OFF positions, which DISABLES the critical circuits through the PCM.

That is why it is called “Automatic Shut Down Relay”!

It kills these circuits!!!!

Shutting down these circuits and your Jeep!!

ADE System Circuit

Parts and Material List:

Here is a list of the key components you will need to build and install the ADE System.

Here is a picture of the three major components you will be assembling.

ADE System Wiring Diagram

This drawing illustrates the ADE System wire connections.


These instructions will walk you through building the relatively simple ADE System circuit for any vehicle. The installation steps in these instructions deal specifically with the 1997 Jeep TJ.

If your Jeep is different you will have to determine which wire controls the Automatic Shut Down Relay Coil for your vehicle. I would suggest looking in the Factory Service Manual for your vehicle under the section dealing with Fuel and Ignition Systems. For the 1997 TJ this is section 8W – 30.

Please refer to the Automatic Disable / Enable Circuit drawing while we build and install this system. Be sure to disconnect both the Positive (+) and Negative (-) Battery Terminals prior to inserting this circuit into your Jeep’s wiring harness.

Understanding the circuit

Before we begin, take a look at the ADE System circuit drawing. Normally when the Ignition Key is turned “ON”, the circuit would be completed from the Battery through the Ignition Switch, Fuse 11 and Connector 106 to energize the Automatic Shut Down Relay and all down-stream circuits.

See the dotted red line? (It has a label saying “Cut Here”.)

That is where the wire runs now. Soon it will no longer be there. We are going to cut this wire and insert the ADE System here.

After we do this, the only way the Automatic Shut Down Relay can be activated is through the ADE System circuit.

These two events must occur before the ADE System circuit becomes activated.
[list=1][*]Ignition Key must be in the “ON” position[*]The hidden reed switch must be closed momentarily via a magnet[/list=a]

The above events will cause the coil of the DPDT to activate, which in turn will close both sets of contacts inside the DPDT relay (Coil Control Contacts and Ignition Control Contacts).

When these contact close, the DPDT relay coil will be latched “on” in a self-sustaining mode. The DPDT relay will also complete the “coil side circuit” of the Automatic Shut Down Relay, which in turn will activate all critical downstream circuits for your Jeep.

Building the Circuit

OK, let’s build this thing on your workbench.

Step 1: Relay Jumper Wires

You are going to wire up the two blue jumper wires as shown in the ADE System circuit drawing.

Connect a jumper wire between pins 5 and 6 on the relay plug. (Use 18 or 20 gauge wire).

Connect a second jumper wire between pins 5 and pin “A”.

Solder the wires you just connected to pins 5, 6, and “A”.

Step 2: Reed Switch Wires

Take a look at the length of the reed switch wires. If you think they will not be long enough to reach where you want to hide the reed switch, now would be a good time to lengthen them.

Connect one wire from the reed switch to pin 1 on the relay socket.

Connect the second reed switch wire to pin 3 of the relay socket.

It does not matter which wire is connected to which pin.

Only solder the wire you connected to relay socket pin 1 at this time.

Step 3: Find the Automatic Shut Down Relay Coil Wire

Connector 106 - Pin F10

(These instructions are specific to the 1997 Jeep TJ.)

Take the DPDT Relay, relay plug and reed switch over to your Jeep.

You will be installing the ADE System circuit between Fuse 11 and the Automatic Shut Down Relay Coil.

On the 1997 Jeep TJ I have found a place to insert the ADE System circuit that is both relatively hidden yet accessible. This is at Connector 106.

Stick your head down under the dash by the driver-side kick panel. (By your left foot.)

You will see three plug connectors. These are connectors 106, 107 and 108.

Connector 106 is BLACK in color and is the only connector of the three that has twelve (12) pins. Connector 107 is Yellow, and connector 108 is Blue and both have fourteen (14) pins in each connector.

OK, look for connector 106. Did you find it? (Black with 12 pins.) If not, stick your head farther under the dash and look at the top of the kick panel area, it is there.

The pin layout of Connector 106 looks like this.

The wire you have an interest in is located in pin location F10 and is Red in color with a Light Green tracer (line).

This is the wire that energizes the Coil of the Automatic Shut Down Relay.

If you have not already done so, disconnect both the positive and negative terminals of your battery.

Peel back the factory electrical tape wrapped around the wiring harness going to Connector 106.

Cut the Red wire with Light Green Tracer going to pin F10 in Connector 106 about five (5) inches from the connector.

Strip 1/2 –inch of insulation from each end of the wire you just cut.

Connect the wire end closest to Connector 106 to the relay plug pin 3.

Connect the other end of this wire (closest to the firewall) to pin 4.

Solder these wires to pins 3 and 4.

Step 4: Add the Ground Wire

Solder a short ground wire to pin “B” on the relay socket and connect this wire to your Jeep’s ground. There is a convenient bolt located about six inches from where you are working on the kick panel.

All the wiring is now completed.

Step 5: Testing the ADE System Circuit

Test A:

Plug the DPDT Relay in the relay socket.

Reconnect both the positive and negative battery terminals.

Sit in the driver’s seat and try to start your Jeep.

The engine should crank over but it shouldn’t run.

Test B:

Turn the Ignition Key to the On position.

Take your magnet and momentarily place it on the reed switch. (You should hear the relay latch shut.)

Turn the Ignition Key to Start.

Your Jeep should crank over and the engine should run.

(See!! You wired it up correctly!)

Step 6: Locate Reed Switch

Now that you know the system works, you need to decide where you want to hide the reed switch.

DO THIS RIGHT! Hide it inside the dashboard or some other plastic part of your Jeep. Make sure you will be able to swipe the reed switch with a magnet in this location.

Once you have settled on a location, take the plastic apart so you can glue the reed switch to the underside.

If you are using the Radio Shack Reed Switch, which I recommended, you can mount the switch in any direction and it will still work. I like the flat top of the reed switch to glue it down.

RTV silicone or epoxy glue should work fine.

Let the glue dry and then reassemble everything.

Don’t tell anyone who doesn’t have a need to know where the reed switch is located!!!!

Step 7: Re-Test

Go back to Step 5 and re-test the ADE System with Test A and Test B.

Please note the Radio Shack Reed Switch comes with a small magnet. I have found this magnet to be very weak and easy to lose.

Run over to Ace Hardware and buy a couple of donut shaped magnets about the size of a quarter. Keep one wherever you want to keep it and stick the extras to the underside of the hood inside the engine compartment just in case.

Step 8: Cleanup and Make Neat

Make your installation of the ADE System look neat! Factory Look!

Re-tape the wiring harness near Connector 106 with electrical tape.

Also place a dab of RTV or epoxy glue on the top of the relay housing and glue it to the side lick panel near Connector 106.

When you’re done, IF anyone should ever stick their head all the way under the driver side kick panel area all they should see is “factory look stuff”.

You’re Done!


If you do not want to use the ADE System in your Jeep you can still provide an increased level of security against theft.

Simply cut the same wire from Connector 106 and insert a good 10-amp toggle switch that you can hide somewhere. Be aware this will not be as stealthy as the ADE System but it will function equally as well so long as you remember to use it. (Turn it off when you park and on when you want to go. Hide it Well!!)

A second means of completely disabling your Jeep can be achieved by simply picking up the hood, and taking the Automatic Shut Down Relay out of the Power Control Center when you park your Jeep.

I am not sure I would want to do this all the time, but for parking for a long period of time I might consider this.

Soft Copy

Any who would like a soft copy of the write up in MS Word format you can download it my rudimentary web site at


Hope some folks find this useful,

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Old 01-26-2002, 11:17 PM
Chris L Chris L is offline
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Thanks for the info. This subject has been on my mind lately. I was considering a high end alarm or mabey the lojack system. Would like more info.

97 ZJ 8.0" lift, Armed and plated "short bus".
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Old 01-27-2002, 07:16 AM
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Frank, one heck of a write-up. I had never heard of reed switches before, and find them interesting. Now I am going to have to find some plastic to put in my CJ2A-it doesn't have any!
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Old 01-27-2002, 09:37 AM
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Hi Folks, thank you all for your kind words and your comments.

As I have this posted on a couple of Jeep Forums I thought I would post these ideas that may help address a few questions folks have on this system.

I do not plan to carry the magnet with me, but you can. I will leave mine in the Jeep. May even glue it to the bottom of a little Matchbox Jeep and Velcro that to the dash. When I want to start it I will swipe it.

I also have three extra magnets in my Jeep. One under the bottom of the hood, one stuck to the rear floor and another inside the bottom of my air filter box. (Upstream of the filter)

If I find myself UNLUCKY 13, with no magnet at all, I will turn the ignition key on and then reach under the dash with a "coin" and touch pins 1 and 3 (Unlucky 13, easy to remember!) This will activate the ADE System

If you really want a means to take the ADE System out of the loop I am sure you can think of many.

Simplest would be to put a waterproof switch under the hood. Hidden. That runs between pin 1 and pin 3.

If you want to get more creative, drill a small hole in your radio face plate and install the Female end of a stereo phone jack. Wire the two open contact (NOT THE GROUND) to pin 1 and pin 3 on the relay socket. Then wire the two contacts (NOT THE GROUND) of the Male stereo phone jack together.

When you want to disable the ADE System simply plug the stereo phone jack into the plug that looks, for all intents and purposes, like a stereo head phone jack for the radio.

You could also wire more then one Reed switch. Again to pin 1 and pin 3. Maybe put the second reed switch inside the air filter box.

Put a piece of Velcro above the reed switch on the outside of the air box and another piece on the magnet. If you need to leave your Jeep for service or to be parked or if you want to disable the ADE System when you go off road simply stick the magnet on the Velcro. All systems will be enabled and it wont hurt the reed switch any.

Heck you could put a toggle switch inside the air filter box if you wanted and turn this switch on before gong off road.

There are endless ways of doing this.

The key to this whole system is everything is out of sight and unknown. The more you can keep it that way the better.

Someone thought it would be good to carry an extra relay just in case. This is a good point, but I do not plan to. The relay from radio Shack is rated at 100,000 (Min) operations before failure. That is twice the rated minimum failure rate of a standard automotive relay. But if you wanted to be safe there is no harm in this.

For those of you with older Jeeps that do not have PLASTIC, look around for other non-metallic places to mount the reed switch. How about inside the shifter boot? Maybe inside a gauge face? or even in the padding of the driver's seat.

I really dislike the often over used phrase "Think Outside the Box", but I will use it anyway, Think Outside the Box!

If you have an all metal interior (Boy do I wish I had that) you could drill a hole somewhere and simply drop the Radio Shack Reed Switch in. There is a shoulder on the top that would hold it in place. Paint it black and it will look like a big black rivet. It will work in that position too.

You could always not use the reed switch and wire up a female phone jack as I described above. It would look like it was there for stereo headphone but you would use it to momentarily close the ADE circuit with a jumpered Male Stereo Phone plug.

The reed switch or any means you put in place to momentarily jump pins 1 and 3 only come into play to power up the ADE System. If you leave pins 1 and 3 jumpered the system will be enabled with just the ignition key.

If you jump pins 1 and 3 for a moment the circuit is only enabled for this one START function.

I just thought of another really simple way to by-pass the ADE System if you ever needed to.

Buy a second Relay socket and put a jumper between pins 1 and 3.

When you want to disable the system Unplug the relay and plug the second relay socket into the ADE Relay socket. This would do the trick.

The four most important attributes are

Hide Everything
Keep the disable system as an unknown (Stealthy)
Make it complex (lots of circuits)
Keep it convenient for you to use.(Simple)

Throw in some more ideas folks! Make this thing BETTER!!!

I am working on a more complex system to make but one that does not need a magnet.

It will work like the traffic signal sensors that are buried in the road. When you pull up wires in the road sense a change in an inductive circuit, telling the light system you are waiting for the light to change.

Well, do you wear a ring? If so, the next system will be a simple hidden wire loop (Under the plastic). Run your hand with the ring over this area and the ADE System will activate! (Yes like a Dick Tracy Magic Decoder Ring!)

The "Key" being you have to know to do this in order to get the Jeep running!

After that one I want to try Voice recognition too!

Can you tell I'm having fun with this?

Have a great day folks, I am!

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