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Old 05-13-2011, 06:03 AM
Tom Lunn Tom Lunn is offline
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DW, at wits end....

Hi all,

Last fall son got into accident with jeep. HP30 drivers side C (both upper and lower) was bent and ball joints popped out. Steering gear box was leaking fluid. Currie draglink/tie rod was pretzeled.

I've replaced a few items listed below and the jeep is undriveable, DW or bumpsteer so bad you cant get a few blocks down the street without having you fillings shaken from your teeth.

Funds being tight just recently replaced HP30 and transferred ARB/gears and new bushings for C arms, junk yard durango steering box, new ball joints on each side, Rugged Ridge "crossover HD steering system" (which I'm suspect about), new steering stabilizer, took bias 36.7 IROKS to shop and had balanced, shop checked trueness of wheels.

Have centered axle (running RE ext duty track bar w/drop bracket), adjusted toe with 1" square tube clamped to rotors, aligned steering wheel, adjusted arms for ~5.5-6 deg castor on top of pinion (top ball joint forward of bottom, right?) Have swapped stock pitman for drop, then swapped back to stock. Trackbar axle bolt tight.

Plan to pull track bar and replace bushings and really look at frame end mount and joint, might order Crown/ZJ steering upgrade ( I just dont like the "roll" in the tie rods ends on the rugged Ridge system-even have "spacers" on rod ends to prevent this), check passenger side WARN shaft-noticed slight binding noise in ujoint from it last time out wheeling. I'm suspect of the durango box too, seems to me ALOT of play before you start to see turning movement- even after adjusting pre load nut.

I've been working on this for a while now and can't cure it, wondering if looking at the pic you guys can see anything unusual or suggest anything I've over looked...

and yes, zip ties have been removed for driving...

Thanks, Tom
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Old 05-15-2011, 10:55 PM
Joe Dillard Joe Dillard is offline
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Maybe its an optical illusion....but the tracbar bolt on the frame end looks to be off center. If correct, is there a reason for this?
'91 YJ,4.0, AX-15, SOA +1.5" leafs, SYE, D30/F8.8, 4.56, ARB's, & 3 rug rats!
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Old 05-17-2011, 10:03 AM
TObject TObject is offline
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How is the shaking the steering wheel test? Nothing loose found?

Are the wheels steel or aluminum? Even though the tires balanced, the wheels may still be crooked; this has happened before with steel wheels.
Maybe try to borrow known good wheels from another jeep and see if the DW is still there.
Sergey Nosov

Navigation and Technologies Officer
NoNo Expeditions Australia

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